For the 2022 elections, West Michigan Action Conservatives is focused solely on Kent County elections.

We’ve learned many lessons over the last two years, including that LOCAL ELECTIONS MATTER. We can’t expect things to get better in Washington D.C. until we restore Constitutional conservative governance right here at home.

We’ve partnered with the Kent Contract Coalition to share with you this list of candidates who’ve promised voters that they will restore conservative values to the county Board of Commissioners. By signing the Kent County Contract, each candidates formally agrees to stand in support of parental rights, medical freedom, fiscal responsibility, and all other principles outlined in this document. The Kent County Contract was developed to restore trust and accountability to the people of Kent County from the elected officials who serve them.

Read the entire contract at

Please Note: The county commissioner district maps have changed! Every ten years, the state holds a census. Using the data they collect, they redraw the district lines to reflect the differing demographics and populations. This means that the county commissioner district you live in currently may not be the same district you will be living in starting in 2022. Please be sure to check here to see if your district has changed as this may impact your vote. 

Mark Jordan, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 1
Algoma Twp, Plainfield Twp Precincts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8

Believing that government officials are meant to be ordinary people living similar stories to our own, Mark  Jordan decided to join the county commissioner race after watching career politicians fail to act on behalf of the people they pledged to serve. Married with four children and a Plainfield Twp resident for over 20 years, Mark believes that our county is best served by honoring America’s Christian heritage and using fiscal responsibility. He plans to take back our local government by asking difficult questions, calling out wrongdoings, listening to the needs of the people of District 1, and honoring the promises he’s made to his community.

Tom Antor, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 2
Tyrone Twp, Sparta Twp, Alpine Twp, and Plainfield Twp Precinct 9

Tom Antor has been representing District 2 on the Kent County Board of Commissioners since 2008. He is perhaps most well-known for his unapologetically outspoken opposition to the mandates, and has been an ongoing advocate for parental rights despite push back from many within the Establishment. Tom, a married father of three with six grandchildren, is a retired police officer who has owned and operated the Huntin’ Time Expo for over 30 years. He is also a lifetime endowment member of the NRA, and worked for the U.S. Marshals Service for four years part-time. More recently, Tom is the founder of the West Michigan Freedom Cruise and Finish the Mission Veteran Relief Fund.

Mark Laws, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 3
Solon Twp, City of Cedar Springs, Spencer Twp, Oakfield Twp, Vergennes Twp, Grattan Twp, and Nelson Twp Precinct 1
Email: [email protected] 

As Mark Laws watched the government fail its citizens by continuously violating their Constitutional and God-given protections, he decided to take action for his community in District 3. A former operations management professional, member of the Cedar Springs Planning Commission, and Vice President for the Red Flannel Festival, Mark plans to bring his robust experience in organizational behavior and administration to ensure the Kent County Board of Commissioners keeps  its promises to the people it works for. Mark plans to ensure the Commission’s priorities lie with responsible budgeting of tax dollars, allocating resources relevant to every family, and forcing bureaucratic agencies to stay in their lane so families can enjoy the freedoms they are lawfully guaranteed.

Katie DeBoer, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 4
City of Rockford, Courtland Twp, Cannon Twp, Nelson Twp Precinct 2

A wife, mother, and small business owner Katie DeBoer understands the negative consequences of government overreach in everyday life. Katie’s strong Christian faith and commitment to American values led her to run for and win the position for Cannon Twp Trustee in 2020, and in response to the troubling public school system, she opened a homeschool co-op for families in the Rockford area in 2021. Katie plans to continue being an agent of change for The People of District 4 by running for the Kent County Board of Commissioners in 2022. Learn more about Katie at

Stefanie Boone, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 5
Ada, Lowell Twp, City of Lowell, Cascade Twp Precincts 4, 5, 9

Stefanie Boone was born and raised in the Forest Hills area, where she and her family continue to live today. Stefanie and her husband have six children, and own and operate two dental practices in the area. Like most families, Stefanie was not politically engaged until the lockdowns revealed what was being taught in schools, and she didn’t hesitate to take action. In 2021, she became one of the founders of Forest Hills for JUST Education and Lowell Kids 1st, and led the efforts to recall the Forest Hills and Lowell school boards. She is now using her no-nonsense approach and relentless nature to benefit the people of District 5 as she runs for Kent County Board of Commissioners.

Matt Kallman, Incumbent
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 9
Byron Twp, Wyoming City Precincts 6, 8

Matt Kallman lives with his wife Jenn and their nine children in Byron Center. Matt works for a software company in Grand Rapids, and has served on the Kent County Board of Commissioners since 2015. He and his famly love camping and traveling together. Matt has and will continue to be a conservative and creative voice on the Board of Commissioners.

Bill Hirsch, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 10
Gaines Twp, City of Kentwood Precinct 6

Bill Hirsch began serving as a Kent County Commissioner for District 10 in 2008. After two successful terms, Bill left political life so he could focus on the daily operations of his dairy farm and to spend more time raising his four children. However, upon witnessing the lack of action and accountability by the current Kent County Board of Commissioners, and at the urging and support of his former constituents, Bill decided to re-run for public office in 2022. He vows to once again be a strong voice for his community, while making much-needed change at the local level where families need it most.

AJ Hoff, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 11
Grand Rapids Twp (all), Plainfield Twp Precincts 6, 7, 10, 11
Email: [email protected] 

AJ Hoff brings a unique perspective to the commissioner race, having a heritage that includes a Great Uncle who served as  president of Liberia and West African parents who pursued the American dream.  Born and raised in Washington D.C., AJ, along with his wife and their five daughters, moved to Kent County nine years ago seeking a community with political leadership that valued its residents. However, after the events of the last two years, AJ discovered that lack of trustworthy representation was far greater than he realized. He decided to take action, and is now running for Kent County Commissioner of District 11. AJ believes we need grassroots leaders who are led by the conviction to honor the Constitution, and he plans to bring “by the people, for the people” back to our local government.

Nick Prill, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 13
Kentwood City Precincts 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

After continually sharing his concerns at school board and county commissioner meetings, Nick Prill realized his voice was not just being ignored, but dismissed all together.  Alarmed at the unconstitutional directives impacting his and other families in the community, Nick decided the time for new county leadership is now. Married with two young children, Nick has joined the county commissioner race with plans to end the corrupt pattern of special interest influence, safeguard citizens’ freedoms so they will never again be imposed upon, establish Kent County as a sanctuary for 2A rights, and demand an open investigation be conducted to determine the validity of the Kent County Health Department’s activities in 2021.

Jerri Schmidt, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 14
Grand Rapids City Precincts 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 20
Email: [email protected] 

As a former credit union Vice President with a background in finance, Jerri Schmidt is especially sensitive to the exploitation of taxpayer money occurring at every level of government. That, along with the rising rates of inflation, destruction of the nuclear family, and attacks on our kids through educational institutions, made Jerri to realize that she needs to take the wheel and restore faith in local leadership. A wife of a U.S. Marine Corp veteran, mother of four, and grandmother to nine, Jerri is running for District 14 on the Kent County Board of Commissioners. She plans to use her financial expertise to ensure that taxpayer dollars are allocated to initiatives that directly benefit families while putting a stop to corrupt government authority taking place right here in Kent County.

Josie Kornev, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 18
Grand Rapids City Precincts 26, 34, 35, 36,37, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

The daughter of a black WWII veteran and Japanese immigrant, Josie Kornev knows that diversity is not only defined by the color of our skin, but by the traditions, experiences, and perspectives we bring to the table. A former software developer with a heart for others, Josie has spent the last several years focusing on charitable work. However, seeing the lack of accountability from local leaders during Covid, Josie realized that her commitment to service and Christian worldview are what’s desperately needed on the Kent County Board of Commissioners. She believes this role will not only provide her an opportunity to recover health and harmony within our community, but also allow her to restore trust in the system that pledges to protect it.

Walter Bujak, Candidate
Kent County Board of Commissioners District 21
Caledonia Twp, Bowne Twp, Cascade Twp Precincts 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10

From working on township boards and planning commissions, to volunteering for the Knights of Columbus and the Scouts of America, Walter Bujak has been invested in his community for decades. Over the last two years Wally, a husband, father, and grandfather, faced many of the hardships that culminated from aggressive public policies. Concerned over our local government’s lack of response, the former aerospace engineer realized we must restore trust, integrity, and accountability to Kent County leadership. He plans to serve the people of Commissioner District 21 by responsibly managing the county budget, advocating for policies that secure our elections, and ensuring that parent’s and children’s rights are never again denied in the public sector.

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