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Did you know that citizens in Michigan can bypass the governor’s veto and work with the legislature to enact laws through signature gathering? Unlock Michigan accomplished this in 2021, by drafting a bill to limit the governor’s powers and organizing the citizenry to collect over a half a million signatures. This was then submitted to our Republican-controlled legislature, who was then able to adopt the bill into law without needing Governor Whitmer’s signature. This is the only process by which we can pass laws without a governor’s signature, so practically speaking, this is the only way we can pass laws that conservatives support and repeal powers until we have a Republican governor.

Folks, this is not an easy process.

There is a very short window of time that the law allows citizens to collect and submit 400,000+ signatures to allow a petition to procede to the legislature. The ONLY way to accomplish this is for thousands of motivated citizens to collect 10, 20 or even 50 or more signatures from their family, friends and other circles.

Current citizen initiatives in Michigan

There are three important citizen initiatives to circulate NOW that seek to limit the power of the health department, enact voter ID for mail-in ballots and ban 3rd party money in elections (Zuckerbucks), and establish privately-funded scholarships for K-12 students. Every signature you can collect will help and you will play a vital role in changing the trajectory of our state for the better.

Please consider circulating one or all of these petitions.

To learn more about these petitions and how you can help, visit: (Limiting the power of the health department) (Requiring voter ID, absentee ballots by request only, and banning third-party donations to elections) (Establishing privately-funded scholarships for K-12 students in Michigan)


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