Radical Voting Amendment: Proposal 2

We know you care about safe and secure elections

Thousands of Michigan citizens worked hard for months to collect over 500,000 signatures: letting Michigan leaders know, we want safe and secure elections. Those petitions were submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State and we continue to wait for her to approve them to go to the Michigan Legislature. With a majority of the House and Senate supporting these citizen petitions, new laws will go into play making our elections secure.

However, a certain group of people don't want safe and secure elections: They want power and influence.

Thus they launched the “Promote the Vote” initiative that is now on YOUR November 2022 ballot. If this initiative succeeds, it will undo anything we ever hoped to accomplish with the Secure MI Vote initiative. We repeat: If this amendment wins in November elections will not be secure ever again. So, while we are waiting on Secretary Benson to do her job and approve our signatures, we are stepping up to the plate to educate voters.

What will this radical voting amendment do to Michigan elections if it passes?

  • It will put into the Constitution that you will never have to show I.D. to vote ever again.
  • It will allow any private individual to donate any amount of money to local clerks, which could result in a quid pro quo.
  • It could allow incarcerated felons to vote in our elections.
  • It severely limits the right for citizens to participate in elections process.

If Proposal 2 passes, Michigan elections will never be safe again.

Learn more at securemivote.org

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