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Did you know that political consultants put a pricetag on your vote?

Campaigns are often won and lost by which candidate has the most money, because average voters busy with day-to-day life typically make voting decisions based on basic campaign advertising, an ad on tv or a mailer arriving at their home. These types of voters are often referred to as “low-info voters,” and can be a deciding factor in election outcomes. This reality leads to the practical outcome of candidates needing to be either independently wealthy or willing to cater to the donor class to oust an incumbent and win an election.

Do you find that as frustrating as I do?

Is there a practical solution for conservatives with integrity to combat big donor money in elections? Yes. You can donate your time, which has a high-dollar VALUE without a single cent changing hands.

Let me explain: there is cost-per-vote or “CPV” in every election.

In some hotly contested races this cost can go up to $1,000 per vote, but for this example, lets say a certain primary race is valuing each vote at $50. You decide to volunteer for a grassroots primary challenger, and through door-knocking and one-on-one conversations with voters in the district, you persuade 30 likely voters to support your candidate, and through calling your own friends and family who trust your opinion, you lock in another 20 votes. You just donated a couple of Saturdays and saved your grassroots guy $2,500! Now, imagine if 10 volunteers did the same, now you’ve saved your guy 25k! THAT’S the power of an organized, motivated grassroots. Donor money can’t buy elections, it can only persuade voters with more ads than the other guy. YOU CAN PERSUADE VOTERS TOO. The beauty of donating your time to a campaign is this: the more motivated, honest and pure your integrity is, the more persuasive you will be to a potential voter, and the more value you will bring to your outspent grassroots candidate.

In other words, campaign volunteers are equally as valuable as money.

If you really want to make an impact during election season, consider donating the gift of your time.  While candidates spend hours on the road shaking hands, there’s only so many places they can be (not to mention trying to spare some time for their families back home!). Volunteering is one way you can double their efforts by being an ambassador on their behalf in places they may not normally reach. Getting involved is easy; simply contact the candidate via their website or social media, and a member of their campaign team will be in touch to get you started. Gifts of time are one of the greatest contributions you can make to grassroots candidates; don’t underestimate how effective your help can be.

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